Head Shot for Book


Christa was inspired to be a storyteller from a young age when her father would tell her a new bedtime story each night. She had only her imagination and the hum of her father’s voice to take her to that mystical world of make-believe. This led to the love of writing at a young age when she started creating her own fictional stories about realistic characters. Most of her stories ended with a lesson learned by the characters. She continued that theme as an adult, interweaving the idea of love and acceptance, with the Wallaby Family Series.

As a teacher, Christa reads many selections of fiction and non-fiction stories to her students that go along with curriculum and holidays. However, Christa’s favorite part of the school day is reading out loud to her first graders. Time seems to stop for everyone involved as she brings to life different characters within a book. All eyes and ears are hanging on for the next word spoken. She believes this truly inspires children to read on their own and fall in love with the adventure a book brings.

Christa is an award winning author for several children’s books. She enjoys using rhyme and repetition in her writing to engage young readers.