The Wallaby family sets the stage for acceptance. When we accept our family members just the way they are we leave room in our hearts to love them fully. In her first book, Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous, the Wallaby family realizes that all the antics the young boy in their family plays out are just part of being a boy. This theme continues with Jilli, That’s Silly, as she does silly, little things that most girls do. Next up is the family dog, Eddie, That’s Spaghetti. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the continued additions of family members being true to themselves in this fun-loving series.  

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NTR Book Cover

Nicholas Wallaby was always doing ridiculous things! And his mom was always letting him know. Nicholas, That’s Ridiculous! she’d say—at least thirty times a day. Finally, Nicholas’s mom realizes that Nicholas, isn’t being ridiculous—he’s just being a boy! With this lighthearted story, children can relate to Nicholas and the ridiculous things he does. Parents can learn to appreciate and enjoy the humor behind these happenings. INSIDE! A BOOK TALK to engage children in discussion, imagination and perception.

 Book Awards

1.      Florida Publishers Association President’s Award Silver Medalist — 2010

2.      Independent Publisher Award Silver Medalist — 2011

3.      Finalist – Eric Hoffer Award — 2010

4.      Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Gold Medalist — 2009

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Written by Christa Blaney and Illustrations by Mark Wayne Adams

JTS book cover

With this lighthearted story, children will relate to Jilli and the silly things she does, while parents will appreciate the humor behind these happenings. Jillian Wallaby is always doing silly things and her mom is always letting her know, exclaiming “Jilli, that’s silly!” at the silly things her daughter does. Finally, her mom realizes that she isn’t being silly after all—she’s just being a girl. Also featured is a book talk to engage children in discussion, imagination, and perception.

★ Book Awards

  1. Evelyn Thurman Young Readers Book Award – 2014
  2. Ben Franklin Award Silver Medalist – 2013
  3. FAPA President’s Awards Silver Medalist – 2013 
  4. Reader’s Favorite Award Gold Medalist – 2013
  5. National Indie Excellence Award Finalist – 2013
  6. Finalist – Eric Hoffer Award – 2013
  7. Finalist – International Book Awards (Parenting & Family) – 2013
  8. Finalist – International Book Awards (Picture Book) – 2013

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Written by Christa Blaney and Illustrations by Mark Wayne Adams


ETS Book Cover

Eddie Wallaby is always trying to sneak the Sunday dinner! And his family is always telling him no. “Eddie, that’s spaghetti!” they say, and then try to distract him in another way. Finally,

Eddie’s family agrees that Eddie isn’t being a hog—he’s just being a dog!

★ Book Awards

  1. FAPA President’s Awards Gold Medalist – 2018 

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